Before attempting any repairs or testing, check out the gas safety and electrical safety pages.

The graphic below depicts the controls for the Dometic RM2604 and RM2804 refrigerators. The graphic contains a lot of information, so it will be broken down into the gas and electric systems.


In the graphic, the switch and electric thermostat are shown for clarity. The switch really lies in front of the gas valve and can't be seen from the rear. The switch is accessed by removing the gas controls in front of it. The electric thermostat is located inside the refrigerator.

The purpose of any controls for an RV refrigerator is to provide heat to the boiler of the cooling unit and to control that heat in such way as to regulate the temperature inside the refrigerator. The switch (in the graphic above) selects 120 volt AC or 12 volt DC (optional) on the electric side of the refrigerator. When the control knob at the front of the refrigerator is turned to gas, the shaft that runs through the switch turns the gas valve to the open position. The switch also applies 12 volt positive to the igniter, when gas is selected.

Go to the pages linked below for more information on the gas and electric systems.
Manual Electric System
Manual Gas System