The P-711 is an after market circuit board made by Dinosaur Electronics that is a replacement for all of the second generation main circuit boards. It has a special thermocouple circuit, proven dependability, and a three year warranty. The P-711 fits models with the old or new wiring, and with or without a new wire harness. In other words, it fits all of the second generations models no matter what.

The P-711 has all the features of the original Dometic plus a few more, which are listed at the bottom of this page. Because of the new thermocouple circuit, the P-711 has an extra terminal (J11) at the bottom of the board. This is where the shorter wire of the thermocouple goes. The longer thermocouple wire goes to J3 where it's always been. A ground wire connecting J10 to the ground terminal is also required. On units with the old wiring, the ground wire already goes to J10. On units with the new wiring, you would need to add the ground wire. All other connections to the board are the same as the original.

Be sure to disconnect the 12 volt wiring and to unplug the 120 volt power cord before replacing the circuit board.

Extra Features

  • Universal - Fits all second generation models - 2 way or 3 way.
  • Temperature Adjustment - able to adjust temperature range, which would be especially helpful on fixed temperature models.
  • If the gas flame fails to light and the check light comes on, the board will try to light every 30 minutes after that, instead of going into lock out.
  • Improved thermocouple circuit eliminates ground problems.
  • Automatic System Detection - detects the eyebrow type on the refrigerator and matches it.
  • Surge Protection - 12 volt circuits are protected.
  • No wiring kit is necessary.
  • Connections are clearly marked on circuit board, making it easy to connect even if the paper work is lost.
J1 12 Volt Element (for 3 way models)
J2Interior Light
J3 Thermocouple
J4 12 volt positive (+)
J5 AC In
J6 AC In
J7 AC Out (120 Volt Element)
J8 AC Out (120 Volt Element)
J10 12 Volt Ground (-)
J11 Thermocouple
P1 Eyebrow
P2 thermistor
P3 Gas Valve & Igniter

5 Amp Fuse Board Circuitry (12 Volt)
30 Amp Fuse 12 Volt DC Heat Element (Optional)
10 Amp Fuse 120 Volt AC Element